Why Choose Markham Orthodontics for Your Ortho Treatment?

Making the decision to pursue orthodontic treatments can be a life-changing event. Whether you are an adolescent or a mature adult, taking the steps toward having a healthier and more beautiful smile can change how you interact with the world. If you are considering braces or clear aligner orthodontics for yourself or a family member, you should take the time to choose your provider carefully.

Are you considering ortho treatment, in Sacramento CA? Visit Markham Orthodontics to find out what makes our practice special. Our caring staff wants to help you achieve your best smile, and we will make sure you have a positive journey toward greater oral health. Contact Markham Orthodontics at (916) 924-8970 to meet our staff at one of our three office locations.

Why Choose a Specialist for Ortho Treatment?

As you probably know, it’s not 100 percent necessary to choose an orthodontist. Many general dentists are trained in providing orthodontics to their patients, and many are very skilled in this process. So, why do so many patients choose orthodontists? Why do so many dentists refer their patients to us?

When a dentist chooses to specialize in orthodontics, he or she acquires additional training that makes them better prepared to deal with the unique factors of individual cases. We learn more about the way that teeth move, the underlying bone beneath those teeth, and long-term prospects for proper tooth alignment. When ortho treatments are the bulk of our business, we see far more cases than general dentists and learn more about how individual factors affect your care. No two mouths are exactly alike, but when you choose an orthodontic specialist, you increase the odds that your care provider will have more experience with cases like yours.

Customized Care for Your Needs

For adult patients especially, it can be confusing when trying to decide whether you want to pursue traditional braces or clear aligners. Both systems are excellent choices, but they will impact your life in different ways. Some treatments are better suited to specific alignment problems, so you really want an experienced practitioner who understands the different capabilities of ortho treatments.

When you visit Markham Orthodontics, we will take the time to assess your oral health and tooth alignment, take x-rays, and write up a formal diagnosis of your alignment issues. From there, we will explain the results you can realistically expect from traditional or clear braces, so you can make an informed decision.

We can also help you decide whether you want to enhance your treatment with orthodontic accelerators. These devices can shorten treatment times, by encouraging the teeth and underlying bone to adapt faster to the pressure exerted by the braces or aligners. Many patients can complete their treatment plans in as little as half the predicted timeline with the use of these devices.

Visit Markham Orthodontics Today

Visit Dr. David Markham to see first-hand the Markham Orthodontics difference. We love to see our patients’ new and improved smiles take form over many months, and we love to see how renewed confidence improves the quality of your life. Both of our orthodontists have followed their calling by specializing in this field, and nothing brings them greater pleasure than seeing their patients feel stronger, healthier, and more attractive–as a result of their smile transformations.

Markham Orthodontics currently has three offices that provide ortho treatment: Natomas (Sacramento, CA) (916) 924-8970, Gold River (916) 635-5400, and Auburn (530) 823-8771. Contact the office most convenient to you to find out more about our unique approach to patient care. You can also request an appointment online for faster service.