Meet The Team

At our practice, we understand the uniqueness of each patient and believe in tailoring orthodontic care to meet individual needs. Our skilled team is dedicated to collaborating with you and your family to ensure every visit is comfortable, stress-free, and fulfilling. We are excited to welcome you and your family and eager to embark on this orthodontic journey together.

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Office Manager

As the officer manager, my dedication lies in ensuring remarkable experiences for both our patients and team members. From addressing inquiries to resolving concerns, I’m here to assist every step of the way.

My journey in dentistry began in 1999, and since 2013, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Markham. Starting as a scheduling coordinator, I’ve gained expertise in various administrative roles, including orthodontic clinical assisting.

Collaborating with the best doctor and team is truly gratifying. Together, we strive to deliver exceptional experiences for our patients and team members alike. Witnessing our patients’ successful smile transformations is incredibly rewarding, thanks to the attentive care provided by Dr. Markham and our team.

Outside of work, I’m immersed in studying psychology to delve deeper into the captivating realms of the human brain and behavior. Exploring different cultures and cuisines through world travel is a passion of mine, with each journey leaving me enriched and grateful for the experiences.

I have a penchant for Thai chili peppers and all things spicy! Supporting the San Francisco 49ers and the Sacramento Kings is a favorite pastime of mine. During my leisure time, I cherish moments spent with my partner, family, and two lively granddaughters who keep me joyfully occupied!


Treatment Coordinator

As a Treatment Coordinator, my job is to guide you through the exciting journey of achieving the smile you desire. From understanding your concerns and goals to navigating appointments and financials, I’m here to make your orthodontic experience as smooth as possible.

Connecting with our patients is the highlight of my job, and witnessing their increased confidence post-treatment is incredibly rewarding. I find fulfillment in establishing profound connections with those I assist on their orthodontic journey.

Working alongside Dr. Markham and our dedicated team is a pleasure. I’m inspired by their work ethic, pride, and confidence. We collectively strive to be the best part of your day, ensuring top-notch care.

On a personal note, I’m a Natomas native, witnessing the growth of my community. With a background in Health Sciences and Chemistry, I spend my spare time with my two dogs, who are my pride and joy. Ensuring they have the best life possible is a testament to my dedication both inside and outside the office.


Financial Coordinator

As a Financial Coordinator at Markham Orthodontics, my job is to ensure all accounts, including insurance, are accurate and up-to-date. Since joining Dr. Markham’s practice I’ve found immense joy in assisting patients on their journey to a new smile. Dr. Markham’s welcoming and compassionate nature has made my work truly fulfilling.

While my journey in the dental field started in 2022, my focus has been on contributing to the financial well-being of our patients at Markham Orthodontics. Every day presents new challenges, and I appreciate the dynamic and supportive environment our team and Dr. Markham create.

What I love most about my job is the opportunity to make a difference in our patients’ lives. Even on the toughest days, our team pushes through with smiles, and laughter is a constant in our daily huddles.

Outside of work, I’m pursuing my dream of becoming a Marine Biologist with a focus on Ichthyology. I cherish moments on the ocean and fishing off the Farallon Islands with my favorite deckhand. At home, life revolves around our two fur babies, Travis and Snickers. Life is good!


Scheduling Coordinator

My role involves meticulously managing schedules, ensuring appointments run smoothly, and facilitating clear communication. I take pride in building positive relationships with patients and my team, fostering a supportive atmosphere.

Working with Dr. Markham and our dynamic team not only provides professional growth but also aligns with my values of patient-centered care and meaningful connections.

Outside the office, you’ll find me at the gym or exploring Sacramento’s hidden gems with my boyfriend.


Scheduling Coordinator

Asia joined Markham Orthodontics in 2024 as the Scheduling Coordinator, swiftly becoming an integral part of our team with her responsibilities that include managing appointment scheduling, patient registration, payment processing, and record keeping. Despite being new to the dental field, her adaptability and commitment have shone through as she handles daily correspondence with promptness and professionalism.

Originally from Laos, Asia is passionate about continuous learning and personal growth, enjoying global cuisines and diverse activities. Her enthusiasm and fresh perspectives significantly enhance the supportive and high-standard work environment fostered by Dr. Markham and the team.

Chee Scheduling Coordinator


Dental Assistant

Since joining the team at the beginning of 2023, I’ve been dedicated to creating a supportive and comfortable environment for our patients throughout their orthodontic journey, ensuring they feel confident and well-informed.

My journey in the dental field began in 2023, coinciding with my start at Markham Orthodontics. Witnessing patients’ smiles enhance along with their growing confidence during orthodontic treatment is the most gratifying aspect of my role.

Working with Dr. Markham and the team is a wonderful experience. From day one, they’ve made me feel welcomed and cared for. I admire each team member for their dedication to providing the best care while showcasing their unique personalities. It’s truly a pleasure and a blessing to collaborate with such an intelligent and supportive team.

On a personal note, I find joy in exploring new places within California and aspire to travel further to experience the beauty the Earth has to offer. Calligraphy is my artistic outlet, using impactful words and colors to spread joy in daily life. During my free time, you’ll often find me in the gym, engaging in competitive swimming to build strength and muscles. Feel free to ask me about my workout plan! 😊


Registered Dental Assistant and Orthodontic Assistant

In my role as a Registered Dental Assistant and Orthodontic Assistant, I am entrusted with providing orthodontic care encompassing laboratory procedures, administrative tasks, and treatment procedures. Since embarking on my dental career in 1996, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Markham since 2002.

Dr. Markham and his team have cultivated an environment that is both welcoming and secure, fostering a sense of ease in our daily work routine. However, the most rewarding aspect of my job is witnessing patients achieve their desired smiles.

During my leisure time, I cherish moments spent with my daughter, family, and friends. I also indulge in my passion for travel, exploring new destinations and immersing myself in diverse cultures. A delightful tidbit about me is my three-decade dedication to dancing Folklorico, a testament to my love for my heritage and the arts.


Registered Dental Assistant and Orthodontic Assistant

As an Orthodontic Assistant, my role is to accompany patients throughout their entire orthodontic journey. Witnessing our patients achieve the radiant smiles they’ve always envisioned brings me immense joy. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see individuals who once felt insecure about their teeth now eager to flaunt their smiles. Playing a role in this transformation is the highlight of my job.

My journey in the dental field began in 2017 as a registered dental assistant. What sets our office apart is the collective effort of every team member to cultivate a welcoming environment for both ourselves and our patients. Being a part of this exceptional team allows me to continually expand my knowledge through learning new techniques and refining my skills.

During my leisure time, I relish moments spent with my extended family and my beloved fur companion, Snowball, who is also my best friend.


Registered Dental Assistant

Being an orthodontic assistant is truly fulfilling as I have the opportunity to play a role in a significant chapter of a patient’s life. Witnessing their smile undergo a successful transformation is exhilarating; it’s akin to watching a flower bloom!

My journey in the dental field began with my enrollment in the Dental Assisting Program at Carrington College in July 2015, culminating in graduation in May 2016. My responsibilities involve providing comfort care and assisting with orthodontic treatments to align teeth, and seeing my patients’ transformations unfold is incredibly rewarding.

Our team comprises some of the most compassionate and enjoyable individuals I’ve ever encountered. We share a deep appreciation and respect for one another and have a great rapport with our patients. Through our collaborative efforts, we foster a sense of unity that makes dental appointments positive and enriching experiences for our patients.

Outside of work, I cherish spending time with my son. We enjoy embarking on mini trips to places like Sequoia Trees, Monterey, and anywhere we can revel in the fresh air and nature’s beauty.


Orthodontic Assistant

I love my job as an orthodontic assistant at Markham Orthodontics because I get to welcome each new patient to their orthodontic journey. My goal is to be the best part of their day, guiding them through each step with care and compassion. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness the joy on patients’ faces when they see their transformed smiles at the end of their treatment.

During the pandemic quarantine, I picked up a new hobby of working out at home, which not only kept me physically active but also allowed me to spend quality time with my family and friends. As the youngest of four sisters, family has always been a significant part of my life.

One of my greatest passions is traveling, and I dream of exploring destinations like Egypt and Tokyo someday. The opportunity to immerse myself in different cultures and experiences excites me, and I look forward to fulfilling this dream in the future.

Sierra Registered Dental Assistant


Registered Dental Assistant

I entered the field of dentistry in 2019 and have explored various roles, ranging from administrative tasks to patient care and assistance.

In my current position, I work alongside Dr. Markham, educating patients on oral health and orthodontic treatments, while also providing direct patient care, managing lab work, and assisting with orthodontic procedures.

The most fulfilling aspect of my job is witnessing the transformation of my patients throughout their orthodontic journey. Seeing their newfound confidence emerge is truly rewarding, as a beautiful smile can profoundly impact one’s self-perception.

The team at Markham Orthodontics is always supportive and upbeat, making each day at work enjoyable. It’s reassuring to know that I’m surrounded by colleagues who are not only happy but also willing to lend a hand whenever needed.

Outside of work, I cherish spending quality time with my boyfriend of five years and our three-year-old bengal cat, Bento. We love taking Bento on outdoor adventures, whether it’s walks or car rides. As a devoted Kings fan, we often catch games either from the comfort of home or by snagging last-minute tickets. Additionally, I remain dedicated to my professional development, actively pursuing continuing education credits to renew my RDA license.