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When Should My Child See the Orthodontist for the First Time?

You may be pondering the ideal timing to initiate orthodontic treatment for your child. Recognizing that many orthodontic concerns can be addressed more effectively during childhood, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends screening children for such treatment by age 7. This approach, termed Early Intervention Orthodontics, allows for timely intervention to optimize oral health and alignment.

Early Intervention Orthodontics marks the outset of orthodontic treatment, often succeeded by a subsequent phase when the patient reaches an older age. Thanks to the earlier intervention, the subsequent stage tends to be briefer, less intricate, and more cost-effective compared to scenarios where the initial treatment was not provided.

Orthodontics in Sacramento, CA

What Problems Can Early Intervention Orthodontics Help Correct?

Early Intervention Orthodontic treatment proves beneficial in addressing various issues, such as crowding and instances of premature or delayed eruption of adult teeth. Additionally, it can rectify misalignments resulting from habits like thumb sucking or lip thrusting, and assist in correcting jaw malpositioning and growth abnormalities.

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As a board-certified orthodontist, Dr. David Markham possesses the expertise to identify patients suitable for early intervention. In certain cases, utilizing a primary appliance for a brief period can avert uncomfortable and potentially costly orthognathic surgical procedures in adulthood. Partial braces, for instance, can effectively align teeth, bolstering a child’s self-esteem and averting potential future dental issues. Although not always necessary, undergoing an evaluation for Early Intervention Orthodontics is certainly advisable to determine if your child could derive benefits from such treatment.

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Orthodontics for Straight Teeth and Self-Esteem

During the teenage years, orthodontic intervention aims to address orthodontic issues and enhance a teenager’s self-esteem. Adolescents frequently experience self-consciousness about their smiles, making orthodontic treatment an effective means to alleviate insecurities and enhance confidence. Orthodontic treatment during this period can effectively resolve issues such as spacing, crowding, protruding teeth, and provide treatment plans for missing or misshaped teeth.

The Advantages of Braces In Sacramento

The Advantages of Braces

Braces not only straighten your teenager’s teeth, instilling confidence in their smile, but they also serve as a preventive measure against future cavities, gum disease, and potential jaw and joint pain. By realigning the teeth to a more natural position, braces contribute to improved oral health. Furthermore, braces can address teeth that have been shifted or flared due to habits like tongue thrusting and finger sucking.

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Adults Can Wear Braces Too

It’s commonly believed that braces are exclusively for teenagers, but the truth is, approximately 1 out of 5 adults undergo orthodontic treatment. With the availability of new aesthetic options that are less conspicuous than traditional metal braces, more adults are seeking treatment today than ever before. Invisalign, for instance, is a popular option that often goes unnoticed due to its discreet nature.

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Orthodontic Treatment with Cosmetic Dentistry

Orthodontic treatment not only addresses misaligned teeth but also plays a crucial role in cosmetic dental treatment plans, including comprehensive cosmetic makeovers. Cosmetic dentists frequently recommend orthodontic treatment before initiating cosmetic procedures like veneers to attain the best possible outcomes. Integrating cosmetic dentistry with orthodontic treatment enables the preservation of additional tooth structure, as braces are utilized instead of resorting to drilling additional teeth.

Pre-Surgical Orthodontic Treatment

Braces are employed to assist in the treatment of individuals, both teenagers and adults, with jaw alignment issues. This treatment, known as orthognathic surgery, necessitates wearing braces prior to the procedure to facilitate achieving the appropriate surgical jaw position.

Dr. David Markham Treats Adults and Children

Contact Dr. David Markham’s office today at 916-924-8970 to determine if you qualify for braces. Remember, braces are no longer exclusive to children, and an increasing number of adults are opting for braces daily, even with the availability of cosmetic braces options that are less noticeable.

Orthodontic treatment focuses on straightening or moving teeth with orthodontic devices or procedures to improve the patient’s teeth and function.

The optimal age for early intervention orthodontic treatment typically falls between 8 to 10 years, as children typically have a mix of baby and permanent teeth during this period. For adults, the right time for treatment is whenever good oral health is maintained. It’s essential to consult with your orthodontist before initiating any treatment, regardless of age.