Pediatric Dentistry in Auburn

Pediatric Dentistry in Auburn, CA

Getting your children to receive appropriate care in a safe environment should be your top priority and when it comes to dental care, you should only trust the best at Auburn pediatric dentistry. Kids need proper dental care as well to avoid several problems as they grow up, so get in touch with our team and have your kids’ teeth protected from day one.

Are Baby Teeth Important?

Many people forget about getting a good pediatric dentist for their kids because they don’t believe baby teeth to be as important as they really are.

Please, don’t make this mistake.

Caring for your kids’ teeth is essential for their development and growth. You can come to us for the provider of the best Auburn pediatric dentistry available for your children.

Baby teeth help with your child’s social development and enable essential functions, such as chewing, talking, and, to a lesser extent, breathing. Besides, making sure your kid has healthy primary teeth will also ensure they avoid a bunch of other oral health complications.

When Should Children See an Orthodontist?

Generally speaking, children should see an orthodontist by age 7. Starting at an early age helps identify any developing problems and begin treatment when it’s most efficient.

You won’t have to worry, though, as not every kid requires immediate orthodontic intervention.

When you come to our office in Auburn, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll find a team committed to delivering the best care in pediatric dentistry Auburn has available, and your kid will also receive orthodontic counseling at the right time.

The awesome thing about bringing your child for dental care with us at Markham Orthodontics is that you’ll entrust their oral health to professionals with training in pediatric dentistry and who can also help with their dental alignment before there are any complex orthodontic problems.

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Your child’s pediatric dentistry care finds itself strengthened by orthodontics here at Markham Orthodontics when you seek two-phase orthodontics. Bring your kid for a consultation, and they can begin two-phase treatment when required and early enough that they won’t have to undergo prolonged and uncomfortable treatment options.

Who Can Recieve Pediatric Dentistry Care?

You don’t have to bring a newborn to receive dental care in Auburn, but you’d be remiss not to trust a specialist to provide you with the help you’ll require to help keep your children healthy.

Your kids’ little mouths are gateways to multiple health complications when unattended. You can contact a pediatric dentist to receive better guidance regarding infant dental care.

Please bring your kid by age 1 or when they have their first tooth erupt.

Pediatric dental care is for any patient who requires dental care until the age of 18, so your kid will be well-taken care of with pediatric dentistry and orthodontics through their infancy and teenage years.

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