Braces in Auburn, CA

Braces in Auburn, CA!

Orthodontics, a specialized field of dental health, focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and treating misaligned teeth and jaws. At Markham Orthodontics in Auburn, our team is dedicated to helping patients achieve their dream smiles.

Straight teeth not only enhance appearance but also improve oral function, leading to better overall dental health. Dr. Markham and our team are committed to creating beautiful smiles and promoting oral health. Throughout your treatment, our friendly and respectful team members will keep you well-informed, ensuring a comfortable experience every step of the way.

The cost of traditional braces treatment in Auburn can start at $3,000, varying based on individual needs. While orthodontic treatment may seem expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment in dental, medical, and psychological well-being. Benefits of a perfect smile include improved digestion, better oral hygiene, clearer speech, reduced wear and tear, and increased self-confidence.

At Markham Orthodontics, we believe everyone should have access to a beautiful smile. Our team will discuss treatment costs and explore payment options to accommodate your financial situation. We accept most major credit cards, insurance plans, and offer financing options like CareCredit. Our team will assist with insurance billing and paperwork if applicable.

Choosing an orthodontist is a significant decision, and we want you to feel completely comfortable with our team. Dr. David Markham is board-certified by the American Board of Orthodontists, a prestigious achievement in orthodontics, demonstrating his expertise and commitment to excellence. You can trust that you’re in good hands when you begin your orthodontic journey with us.

Our practice prioritizes individualized attention and strives to provide a fun and comfortable experience for every patient. We welcome you to schedule a consultation and join our practice, where you’ll receive personalized care and exceptional orthodontic treatment.

Still not sure? Visit our Auburn office today and meet us in person! We will be happy to welcome you and answer any questions you may have regarding our treatments modalities and cost and financial options. Please refer to our location information below before planning your trip to our office. Follow this link to get directions to our Auburn office and mind our business hours below.

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Give us a call to schedule an appointment, and one of our team members will assist you in booking your visit.

The initial phase of your adult braces treatment in Auburn might take roughly 2 hours to bond the brackets to your teeth and secure the wires. Afterward, you might feel some pain and soreness, but that will go away in a couple of days.

Getting braces put on your teeth doesn’t hurt. You will feel tenderness and soreness for the first couple of days due to the pressure over your teeth. It is normal to feel this way as the wires tighten and the brackets move your teeth. Even your Auburn clear braces will make your mouth feel a little sore but not hurt with intense pain.

Yes, while wearing braces on your teeth in Auburn, we recommend you brush and floss your teeth after every meal, including snacks.

While wearing braces or a dental retainer in Auburn, maintaining good dental hygiene by flossing and brushing your teeth after every meal, including snacks, is essential. Change your toothbrush for a soft-bristled one, and consider using interdental brushes or a water irrigator.

Invisible braces in Auburn are virtually invisible to the untrained eye because they don’t have any metal brackets or wires. If you are looking for a solution that will be unnoticeable, invisible braces are your best choice.