Do You Treat Adults? / Age and Orthodontics (Am I Too Old for Braces?)

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

We treat patients of all ages including adults, and it’s never too late to get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted! While the ideal time for orthodontic treatment is often during teenage years, children and adults are still often candidates for treatment.


For example, some patients younger than 10 years old benefit tremendously from wearing an orthodontic appliance because it can prevent more extensive and expensive orthodontic treatment needs in the future.


There are no age restrictions for adults. More than ever, adults are using orthodontics to improve their smiles because there are many new cosmetic options available for wearing braces. In addition to traditional metal braces, we offer clear braces, which blend in with the teeth, and the popular option of Invisalign, which uses aligners that are practically unnoticeable. What’s great about Invisalign treatment is that it consists of wearing clear trays that can be removed from the mouth for eating and cleaning teeth, unlike traditional braces which are attached to your teeth and can only be removed by the orthodontist at the end of the orthodontic treatment.

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