Reduce Treatment Time with Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated orthodontics helps make all your treatment faster. Be honest, what comes to your mind when you listen to or read about Orthodontic Treatment in Sacramento? Unfortunately, in many cases, the general audience and potential patients’ first impressions are discomfort and lengthy treatment.

We can’t blame prospective patients for having this mental image. Indeed, for a long time, orthodontic treatments have had a bad reputation despite being a life quality changer.

Fortunately, things have changed tremendously in recent years, slowly switching the lousy fame with the use of clear-cut technology advancements that minimize discomfort and treatment span.

This article discusses orthodontic treatment improvements that have an impact on shortening reactions to orthodontic stress with astonishing results.

How Does Orthodontics Work?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition for orthodontics characterizes it as treating alignment and occlusions in the teeth and jaws. In addition, it includes a reference to the use of braces.

This definition is quite ample but doesn’t tell us how orthodontics work. So let’s make a fun intent to summarize its operation. First, orthodontics is pure “biomechanics.”

Bio refers to a living body; mechanics is matter displacement by exerting force. For example, orthodontists use braces to exert controlled mechanical pressure on teeth. Specialists work with these forces to transmit them to the periodontal ligaments, reshaping the entire jaw structure.

The periodontal ligament is a thin, soft tissue layer connecting your teeth with the jawbone. The appropriate pressure causes the ligaments to suffer a mild fracture triggering a signal to the brain for reparation.

The trick operates when the brain repairs the ligament but at its new place; when it does, it also creates new bone in the space. So, moving teeth is a biomechanical displacement of the periodontal ligaments that allow tooth movements.

In-depth, there is an outstanding development in modern orthodontics that focuses on the periodontal tissue helping it to regenerate quicker, and guess what? It shortens orthodontic treatment time.

How to Make Teeth Move Faster?

Orthodontic treatment lasts an average of two years. But let’s pause this a moment; this can’t be the last word, right? There must be a better option to get a straight smile quicker.

Remember we talked about the effect of biomechanics on the periodontal ligaments? The inflammatory process that triggers tissue reconstruction is effective but slow. Luckily, an experienced orthodontist knows how to shorten it.

The answer is accelerated treatment in orthodontics. Process acceleration involves using micro pulsations. But how does this works? The alveolar bone is the bone covered by the gums and is sensitive to mechanical stimulation.

Think of evolutionary processes. Ancient humans used to eat raw and hard-to-chew foods, which activated their muscles and bones, making them grow as they exerted incredible amounts of stress at the feed.

Modern humans eat easy-to-chew foods, which make their muscles and bones need less force and less need for the alveolar bone to grow or regenerate. Consequently, orthodontists take advantage of the stimulation to refresh the bone’s memory and activate and quicken response.

Micropulsations stimulate the bone helping it to augment teeth displacement and periodontal ligament retention by producing a slight inflammatory process.

Clinical research observes that given that vibration stimulates inflammation, it has the potential to modify the periodontal apparatus or create osteogenic effects. This is to create new bone from scratch.

What to Use for Faster Tooth Movements?

You can benefit from accelerated orthodontics and get straight teeth quicker. Take a look at the options available to enhance orthodontic treatment results at Dr. Markhams offices.


Do you recall the word micropulsations? Well, they are basically imperceptible micro-movements that occur at medium to high frequencies. For example, AcceleDent is a portable device that patients wear for 20 minutes daily.

The micropulsations prove effective results at reducing treatment times in half the time of conventional orthodontic treatment without resorting to other results enhancements.

Propel Vpro Treatment

Similarly to AcceleDent, Propel orthodontics uses the same biomechanical principle but a different approach concerning usage methodology. Notwithstanding, the remodeling of bone for alignments has an efficiency that exceeds AcceleDent resulting in a 10% faster treatment outcome in correcting misaligned teeth.

Treatment with Propel orthodontics requires patients to attend only a few office visits, making it more attractive for its convenience. Dr. Markham uses anesthetics to proceed with a micro procedure in the jawbone producing an inflammatory response that triggers bone remodeling to help teeth get into an ideal position.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Advanced Technology in orthodontics is the quintessential example of how biomedicine evolved to help orthodontic patients to have increased comfort, discreteness, hygiene, and shorter treatment times while getting a straighter smile.

Invisalign is an orthodontic system that includes state-of-the-art engineering to develop 3D-modeled removable invisible aligners to straighten teeth into a proper position, replacing, in many cases, traditional metal braces.

The best part of using Invisalign is that it is AcceleDent and Propel compatible. But, as we incidentally mentioned, Invisalign is an effective mechanism for most malocclusion cases, but still, there are a few complex issues that produce severe types of malocclusions that require traditional braces.

For a better picture, Dr. Markham will evaluate your case and explain your orthodontic options.

Other Ways to Speed Orthodontic Treatment

In fact, when we refer to alternate ways to speed up treatment, we refer to avoiding preventable delays in your treatment. Specialists say that orthodontic treatment success depends 90% on the patient’s compliance with the specialist’s recommendations.

Among the most crucial specialists’ recommendations, patients must abide by dietary restrictions refraining from eating hard-to-bite, crunchy, sticky foods, minimizing the impact on metal wires preventing them from bending or breaking, and avoiding brackets from detaching.

Dietary restrictions include reducing or eliminating sugary foods or drinks from the patient’s diet to control bacteria proliferation, along with meticulous hygiene that includes using interdental brushes.

These measures help patients have better dental health during treatment

Get Your Orthodontic Treatment in Auburn With Markham Orthodontics

Make a decision, and let’s get your smile straight, but best of all, let’s do it in a wink. One year or so is not a lot of time, is it? Well, we guess it isn’t if that means enjoying having a healthy and beautiful smile that lasts for a lifetime.

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