Are There Food Limitations for People With Braces?

Food & Braces

Sticky or hard foods should be avoided while wearing braces because these foods can loosen or break wires and brackets. These foods include chewy candy such as gum, Tootsie Rolls and jellybeans and fruits such as dates. Other chewy foods like granola bars or beef jerky should also be avoided because the small pieces can become lodged in the braces and pull the brackets from the teeth. The same considerations apply for hard foods such as nuts, caramels, chips, bagels and carrots.


The good news is that the patients with braces can still eat meat such as beef or chicken, pasta, yogurts, soups, most vegetables and soft dairy foods including yogurt, brie and ice cream.


It may be difficult to get used to brushing and flossing with braces at first, but with time, if done properly and diligently, it’s easy to adjust. If you need help learning how to floss and brush properly, however, please let us know and we will be happy to review the techniques with you.

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