Different Kinds of Braces

Investing in a straighter smile is a big decision, so it’s important to choose the right type of treatment approach. Our practice is pleased to offer different kinds of braces, including both traditional and clear braces. Depending on your aesthetic wishes and your treatment goals, one or the other may be a better fit. At a smile consultation with either Dr. David Markham or Dr. Steven Scott, our team can help you decide on the type that is right for you. Learn what sets these different kinds of braces apart below!

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Traditional Braces

Different Kinds of Braces: A Solution for Every SmileWhen you think of “braces” you probably picture traditional braces. This method involves placing small metal brackets on each tooth, secured to the outer tooth through a small amount of dental composite. Each bracket is then connected with a metal wire which runs around the length of the top and bottom teeth. Adjustments to the wiring, made by members of our team, slowly shift each tooth into alignment.

While the visibility of the brackets can still be a drawback for some patients, there are many benefits. This method remains one of the least expensive options. In addition, unlike removable solutions, patients don’t have to remember to diligently wear the alignment trays; this makes it a great choice for teens or children who could be forgetful or less disciplined with their orthodontic treatment. Finally, traditional braces are usually the best option for patients with more complex orthodontic issues.

Wire-free Alignment

If you’re looking for a third smile-straightening solution that is even less noticeable while being just as effective, Invisalign® is your answer! Invisalign® ’s discrete appearance is often its number one benefit for patients. In addition, the Invisalign® method offers:

  • Gentle Alignment: SmartTrack moves teeth into their correct place with an effective but gentle force.
  • Comfortable Wear: A snug, sure fit keeps the clear aligners from coming loose during daily wear.
  • Less Restrictions: Invisalign® can be removed while eating or drinking, so a patient’s diet does not have to be altered to protect the integrity of brackets or wires.

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The smile you’ve dreamed of is possible at Markham Orthodontics. We know that orthodontic treatment is never a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we are proud to offer different kinds of braces for different patients. Dr. David Markham or Dr. Steven Scott can discuss your alignment options and help you determine which approach will best fit your lifestyle and expectations. If you’re in the Auburn, Natomas, or Gold River, CA areas and are ready to invest in a straighter smile, contact our office to schedule your smile consultation.