Stories and Friends from Chicagoland

Doctors Luminita and David Markham attended the

American Equilibration Society Meeting in Chicago

February 2016,

       -Satisfaction in life may be gained by spending approximately equal time living in the present, reflecting on the past, and looking forward to the future. Our annual AES meeting in Chicago provided just the right blend.

Living in the present in the city of Chicago is satisfying. Chicago is friendly, clean, and walkable – even in winter! As Alfred Wainwright noted, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” So we dressed suitably and walked the city.



-Reflecting on the past with old friends is satisfying. We had dinner one evening with Dr. Nancy Hijawi, whom we met several years ago in the Executive Management Course from Kellogg’s School of Business at Northwestern University. She is a pediatric dentist in Chicagoland.



-Reflecting further into the past, we visited Dr. Genrikh Gandelsman on another evening, a colleague from my orthodontic residency in Indianapolis from over 20 years ago. He is an orthodontist in Chicagoland.


Looking forward to the future is satisfying. A fellow Californian, Dr. Michael Scherer of Sonora, gave my favorite lecture at the American Equilibration Society Meeting. It was entitled ‘Intraoral Optical Scanning, CBCT Image Fusion, and In-office 3D Printing.’



Dr. Luminita and the Maidu Dental Team have been using intraoral optical scanning and computer aided manufacturing for many years now. A lot of her patients know it as CEREC and have benefited from this amazing technology. CEREC makes it possible to avoid temporary crowns and to get final crowns done in just one office visit.

Maidu Dental will be getting CBCT imaging soon. CBCT stands for Cone beamcomputed tomography and is like a CT scan, but with dramatically reduced radiation. It is technology that creates 3D dental x-rays.

We are excited to bring this technology to our Auburn dental office and we are amazed that in the not too distant future we will be able to offer the fusion of intraoral optical scanning, CBCT, and 3D printing for the benefit of our patients. My team and I at Markham Orthodontics have ordered our first intraoral optical scanner and we expect to begin using it this summer.

This technology will allow us to eliminate traditional impressions and make digital impressions of our patients’ teeth, which increases patient comfort. We are satisfied living in the present, reflecting on the past, and looking forward to the future, and we thank all of you for choosing us to provide your dental care!


David Markham, DDS, MSD