Covering the Cost of Metal Braces

All kids and teenagers have amazing, unique smiles. Orthodontics allows them to show off those smiles with even more confidence. However, many parents wonder about affordably covering the cost of metal braces. In fact, metal braces cost is one of the main topics that Sacramento, CA, orthodontist Dr. David Markham, and his team discuss with patients and their families. Schedule an appointment at Markham Orthodontics to find out how your child can get a straighter smile affordably.

What Factors Affect Metal Braces Cost?

When you talk with other families and individuals about paying for metal braces, you may be surprised at the difference in final investment numbers. This is not unusual. The final cost of any type of orthodontia will vary according to a number of factors.

What situations and considerations can affect the total cost of metal braces?

    • Treatment length. A patient who only needs metal braces for a short period of time will pay less for the treatment than someone who requires metal braces for years. At your initial consultation with Dr. Markham, he will guide you through recommended treatment processes and timeframes.
    • Patient compliance. Teens and adults who keep their regularly scheduled visits may pay less than those who cancel appointments. The same is true for patients who do not take care of their teeth and gums, or who wait to report issues to the orthodontists.
    • Orthodontist practice experience. There is no set cost for metal braces, so each orthodontist sets his fee based on a range of considerations. These can include the cost of the actual brackets and wires, the anticipated staff time necessary to give personalized treatment, and the experience of the dental team
    • Tooth extraction or other treatments. In some circumstances, a patient may require a tooth extraction or other procedure prior to or during treatment. This affects the overall cost to the patient and his or her family.
    • Payment methods. Occasionally, patients may get a modest discount from their orthodontist if they entirely pay for treatment upfront.

Does Insurance Cover Metal Braces Cost?

If you have dental or general medical health insurance, you may be able to get some of the cost of metal braces covered. Usually, policies are very specific regarding orthodontics. Some will not cover your metal braces but may cover other treatments such as a wisdom tooth extraction.

It can be confusing to understand the parameters of your healthcare insurance coverage. Our team at Markham Orthodontics will help you with your insurance carrier billing and paperwork, if necessary.

Pay-as-You-Go Financial Options for Braces

Patients are often relieved to find out that they can pay for metal braces overtime at our office. We recognize that it may not be possible to pay for the treatment at once, which is why we provide several financing options.

Many people choose to use credit cards to pay for metal braces treatment over time. Others may prefer to use CareCreditⓇ, a third-party company that offers zero-interest plans for candidates.

Making Metal Braces More Affordable

Metal braces are among the most affordable ways to get a stunning smile. They are also highly affordable when you work with an orthodontist who gives you a variety of payment options.

If you live in the Sacramento, CA, area and want to know more about metal braces for you or a loved one, call the Natomas office today at (916) 924-8970.