How to Choose the Right Braces Colors

Starting your treatment with braces is a big step towards ensuring your dental health. Fortunately, we can offer a wide variety of better-looking options with today’s technology that can be fun and a great way to express ourselves. Simultaneously, you’ll be looking great and taking care of your oral health. Of course, your orthodontist will be your best guidance throughout your orthodontic journey.

Depending on the reason why any patient needs braces, their treatment length will vary. Some people wear them for months, while for others it can last years. Regardless of your treatment goals or your specific set of circumstances, when you wear braces, you can make them part of your personality and your look. You can get colored braces, clear or ceramic braces, or traditional metal braces.

You can combine your braces with colored rubber bands that will make you feel and look your best!

So let’s dive into all the gamma of colors and possibilities we have for you.

Choosing the right color braces for you involves knowing yourself and choosing the best color combination for you.

Our ortho Sacramento office offers a wide variety of materials and colors to choose from. Make sure to select the ones that will highlight your personality and enhance your looks.

What Are the Different Types of Braces?

In terms of materials, let’s take a brief look at the differences between metal and plastic braces.

Knowing about the materials used in the manufacture of various types of braces will help you how to select the ones that will make you feel confident, make your teeth look whiter and healthier, and that will combine with your skin tone.

If you want to highlight your personality and make a statement, metal braces are always a good choice as they are usually made from stainless steel.

You can go with the plastic braces for a more subtle and elusive look. Mostly made from polycarbonate, they come in light or dark shades and are great for a professional look.

Brace Colors

Before diving into the color palette, we need to consider some important points, such as your diet (foods and drinks), as some food and drinks may stain your rubber bands. And the color of your natural teeth, if your natural teeth are not completely white (which, let’s be truthful, nobody has completely white teeth).

Based on this, we can now jump into the colors and consider that darker colors in bands will help you neutralize the stains and off-color effect.

Additionally, let’s look at some subconscious associations with color:

  • White usually evokes feelings about peace, purity, and cleanliness.
  • Yellow is young, happy, and fun.
  • Orange means autumn, warmth, and enthusiasm.
  • Red in western cultures is associated with passion, anger, passion, and love.
  • Purple is related to wealth and royalty.
  • Blue expresses stability, professionalism, trust, and intelligence.
  • Green is nature, calmness, and good luck
  • Black is sophisticated, represents the night, and can be deadly.
  • And finally, multicolor is international and inclusive.

Ideas and Combinations

  • If your objective is to make your teeth look whiter, choose darker colors.
  • For a bright and radiant smile, red or light blue will help.
  • A more serious approach will mean avoiding bright colors completely and staying with the natural neutral colors and silver/gray shades.
  • Fun combinations for kids and young adults are achieved by matching the color bands with your outfit.
  • Seasons, holidays, and parties are great ways to show your fun side. The color of your favorite team, red and green for Christmas, Blue for Hanukkah, Orange for Fall/Halloween, Gold for the new year, or a color that matches a cause at the office, are just a few ideas.
  • Some also like to match their rubber bands with the color of their eyes to make them pop up.
  • As we mentioned earlier, you will also have to consider that some colors might enhance stains such as yellow, so a way to neutralize this will be by wearing clear or silver bands instead.

Changing Braces Colors

Our orthodontists will tighten the wires at each visit, which means you can change your color when you want. We typically recommend changing your color every four to eight weeks, but most of all, enjoy your fun color brace journey, as it is a precious one for your beautiful new smile.

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